Q: What type of leather do you use?

A: We use only 100% full grain premium grade cowhide. We handpick our hides to ensure quality. This means that the leather will soften and age gracefully over time. Any leather that isn't properly cared for will crack and flake with time, but premium grade leather will burnish, and beautify, gaining character with time.


Q: Will the leather stretch the more I wear it?

A: Yes. Vegetable tanned leather tends to start out stiff; but over time, the leather will become soft, stretch out, and conform to the contours of your wrist or waist.


Q: How do I care for my leather bracelet or belt?

A: First-Use Mink oil. It is colorless, and odorless so it will not stain your skin or clothes. You can use it to condition your leather by applying it with a cloth every 6 months or so. Second-Use edge coat. Over time the edge coat (the black edging) can wear off with use. It is easy to find a bottle of edge coat at any leather store. You can apply with a sponge or brush; however, you must make sure to wipe away any excess edge coat immediately.


Q: Are your dyes colorfast?

A: Yes. We use professional dyes only that are specifically made for leather. If you leather gets wet, the color will not run. However, water does damage, and prematurely age leather, so try to keep your belts and wristbands dry.


Q: Are your buckles nickle-free?

A: All Our complimentary buckles have nickel in them. If you need to purchase a nickel-free buckle, the option will pop up before checkout when you order your belt.


Q: Can I put my own buckle on one of your belts?

A: Absolutely! One of our best features is that the enclosures for the buckle are not permanent. All the fasteners can be opened in order to switch out buckles, as you like. Just make sure that your buckle can accommodate the width of the belt.


Q: Why do you use vegetable tan?

A: Vegetable tan is an earth-friendly process that uses natural tannins found in plants to make the leather usable for products. Because we focus heavily on tooled leather, we use mostly vegetable tan, because it is stiff to begin with so it will retain the designs we put into it for years and years. Also, we love the variations one finds in vegetable tan leather. Because you can still see the surface grain and cowhide markings, no two products are identical. We like to think that each belt and bracelet is a unique work of art.


Q: What other types of tan do you use?

A: We use tobacco-tanned leather for pieces that do not require any tooling.